Written in 2011.

Home is where the heart is, they say.
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My Hoody


It’s there all the time.
When I’m cold. When I’m hot.
When I’m finishing the last crumbly truffle from the box…
When I’m playing Hide and Seek with my Khadu Khadu and she finds me, giggles and runs in to give me an ‘uummmmmaaaah’ kiss.
Those times, I barely notice it. It’s just there. Continue Reading »

So, it’s been a month.
A month in which I have not driven.
A month in which I have not sang.
A month in which I have not sat comfortably.
A month in which I have simultaneously hated everyone and loved everyone.

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***I have written this as I have no other way of finding all the different people who helped me after my Renault Clio was hit by a stolen BMW on Longmead Avenue, Bristol, on Monday 30th June at 5.20pm… I would be ever so grateful if people could share this on the internet, so my Heroes can see this****

Car Crash

When I knew there was nothing else I could do but wait, I curled myself into a ball. Like when a moth flies into my room and I’m not close enough to the door.
“My parents are going to kill me” a voice repeated in my head.
Another voice panicked, “How will your best friend know? Your best friend needs to know!” “Your best friend HAS to know!!”
A small voice whispered somewhere, “am I meant to steer into it? Or is that with snow?” Continue Reading »

Twenty Thirteen

In less than 6 hours, we’ll be welcoming another year.
A new start. A fresh leaf. A blank page. Continue Reading »

…what exactly is wrong with a woman having a fully grown moustache?
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Knickers in a Twist

Feeling a bit blah.
Wrote some words. Continue Reading »


When I was younger, I believed that sex was the act of putting any body part into any orifice in the body. So, for a long time, I believed that I’d be having sex when I used to pick my nose. Things have changed, and I now know that no matter how much pleasure I receive from cleaning my ears with a cotton bud, it’s not classed as sex… I don’t know why!
…but yes, things are different now. Continue Reading »

One in four (26%) of secondary school pupils get no SRE in school at all.
Another quarter (26%) of those who do get SRE say the teacher isn’t able to teach it well.
That means half of young people aren’t getting a good SRE education.
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El Qué Diran?

“What will They say?”
That’s my mother’s favourite mantra to chant morning to night… and probably in her sleep, too.

See… in my mother’s eyes, and the community I’m from, you cannot live your life for yourself.

No. You are the all singing, all dancing puppet living your life out on a stage. The Truman Show was based on the lives of people from my background.
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